What does one do when visiting a North American lake?

(and other stories about weekend getaways/writing retreats)

Why, read a book of course.

lake monsters

Things you discover when you go away for the weekend:

  • It’s really nice to have a bus stop directly in front of where you’re going. Especially when you don’t own a car, which is a good thing, because the road is a little headache-inducing.


  • I really like the panorama function in the camera app on my phone. It takes pictures like this (as long as you don’t mind mosquitoes).


This was the highlight of a short (1+ hour) hike from the lodge. It’s a place called Marsh Lake Overlook.

  • I am totally unproductive at writing if I am tired, or don’t do something physical at the start of my day. This was perhaps the most productive thing that happened writing-wise, unless you count doing a bunch of form-filling/organizing in Scrivener.
  • Being on your ass from 7am-9pm is exhausting. I slept most of Friday away. It’s okay, it was raining most of the time, and I read when I was awake.
  • I had a copy of the Haunting with me, so I read parts and watched the 1963 adaptation. It’s so much more faithful than the horrible blockbuster. Not as scary as when I was in highschool.
  • It’s hard for a vegetarian to go anywhere, even when people are super willing to accommodate a person.
  • I had very few problems not having access to the internet the whole time. The only exceptions being when I was trying to figure out how to do something in Photoshop – eventually I just checked every drop-down menu until something worked – and the delay in posting this.
  • I am totally out of shape, but loved being able to wake up at 6am, go swimming in a lake, and then have breakfast at 8am. I didn’t write much, but I sure read a lot. Everyday should be this way.


  • I totally love the history of Miner’s Bay Lodge. We met some guy who was there for his 3rd year. His aunt and uncle met there in the 1920’s, and his cousin had been going all his life. He got curious what all the fuss was about and brought his grandchildren this time. People have serious roots in this place – it’s beautiful, and the people are friendly – evidenced by the number of people who have been going/ went for at least 50 years! It would make a great setting for a community secret type story.
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