A photo before leaving

So the last few times I’ve posted about painting I actually did some painting. Unfortunately I have to pack for my weekend trip, so all you get is a few teasers of painted Reaper Miniatures until I’m done.

Here’s an orc – a mook- one of 3 I painted, all with varying recipes. I will probably be replacing the droopy PVC spear with a toothpick, but this guy is mostly done except for a few touch-ups, and doing something to the base. There’s also an archer figure painted to a similar standard.


And here’s an undead guy with a BRIGHT green cape. This was looking amazing, but then I went too far and ruined it. This is the somewhat fixed version, but will be getting a lot more work than the Orc. I tried some wet-blending, which was clearer before I spoiled things.


The flagstone at the bottom is painted glue from a hot glue gun pressed into a mold from Happy Seppuku.

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