The Outer Dark podcast is back!

I’ve mentioned the podcast a few times already this year, and it’s been pretty important to me, so I’m glad it’s back. After some strange issue with their old web host, it’s now coming out monthly with This is Horror, instead of the insane weekly schedule it was appearing on earlier.

It’s supposed to be available on Itunes now, and probably elsewhere soon, but you can always listen online.

Periodically old episodes will be added back in remastered format (some audio tweaking and maybe a bit of extra content). The first of those,  episode 25 with Henry Lien, is up already.

If you like it, support them all on Patreon, and join the Facebook group if you’re into that kinda thing.

Currently I’m reading:

I started reading the Ballad of Black Tom on the commute to work today, and so far it’s a great book. What I’ve enjoyed most about it so far is that the supernatural aspect has been slow to build. It’s hinted at, and is slowly being revealed, but I think I’m at the point where it’s going to explode and the anticipating is getting to me. The characterization, and establishing the tone of the world were so skillfully done. It reminded me of my own priviledge, and of recent incidents I witnessed, or were experienced by friends. It reads really easily, though, and I wish I could’ve skipped work to finish reading it.  This review by Matt E. Lewis is what initially sold me, and I haven’t been disappointed so far.

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