May was Weird

New Books for May. I was so excited that this was the clearest photo I could take.

new books may.jpg

More in the to be read pile! I’m trying to post more frequently so this will be short.

Here’s the list of (mostly) paperbacks:

Scott Nicolay

Ana Kai Tangata


Livia Llewellyn – Furnace

Nicole Cushing – Mr. Suicide

Michael Wehunt – Greener Pastures

Victor LaValle – The Ballad of Black Tom

Cornell Woolrich – Dark Melody of Madness

At the end of the month I also got a couple of Jean Ray books: his novel Malpertuis and an omnibus collection – Histoires noires et fantastiques – made up of 3 collections (Le Grand Nocturne, Les Cercles de l’epouvante, Le Livre des fantomes).

If you like intelligent smut, you might also want to check out new magazine, Congress, featuring new stories by David Nickle, Matthew Addison, Robert Levy, and Livia Llewellyn.



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