Toronto Comic Arts Festival (of rain)

As seems to always be the case, it was raining on TCAF weekend. What was new this year, was my wife being available to come with me… except she only came long enough to make an appearance.. That’s what happens when you’re trying to finish up your PhD thesis revisions so you can defend in a month. That has since been very sensibly (and also by necessity because there was no external examiner) postponed to later in the summer.

What ended up happening was me spending an entire morning scouting things out, then being very VERY restrained in my purchases.

These 3 books, a poster, and a t-shirt are all that I got this year.

tcaf 2016

The Tin Can Forest purchase (also the poster and t-shirt) is a must for me any time they have anything new. Beautiful books, and some of the nicest people I’ve met at one of these events.

The Melanie Gilman book is a funny, dark story about a girl and her cat. Also available was the print version of As the Crow Flies (available on the site) about a queer girl in a Christian youth backpacking camp. I didn’t see her first book Smbitten, about swing-dancing lesbian vampires, but at least you can get a pdf here. I have a thing for colored-pencil art so I will definitely keep my eye out for more.

Finally, I got a book illustrated by an old work friend, Ethan Rilly. You may know him from his Pope Hats comics. I haven’t read this book by Dan Bulla yet, but, you can get a sample here.


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