April’s been weird

This will be quick, because I’m taking a break from editing the final draft of my wife’s PhD thesis (only 8 years in the making). Her defense is about 2 months away, so we’re focused on getting that done.
I think I’ve mentioned how I’ve had my own little weird renaissance, thanks to Scott Nicolay’s podcast (it’s hard to remember, seeing as at the time of writing this, all my previous posts exist in draft form only… the show’s on a short hiatus, so now’s the time to catch up!).

April saw me placing a large order with Dunham’s Manor Press. I’ve only read Jayaprakash Satyamurthy’s Weird Tales of a Bangalorean– which I thoroughly enjoyed –  but I have about 8 more to go (next on the list are: Steven Imri-Knight’s Possums  Eat your Face! and Richard Gavin’s Fume). More on all of that later.
I also bought 3 books from Dim Shores press. Today I just finished the last of that first order (Cody Goodfellow‘s The Free School; the others were Kristi DeMeester‘s Split Tongues, and Craig Laurance Gidney‘s The Nectar of Nightmares). I’m now subscribed for the rest of 2016
I’m also reading Meet Me in the Middle of the Air by Eric Schaller. I’ve only read the first 2 stories so far, but I’m really liking it. The opener dealt with the unreliability of perception and memory in a great and chilling way.

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