That didn’t go as planned part 1

Is probably something I’ll be saying often. In this case my Women in Horror month plans were affected.

The big event – the Etheria festival – still happened. Only we didn’t stay for the panel after. Between my wife waking up at 5:30 to work on her PhD thesis, and me waking up not much later because I have a long commute, we really don’t stay out often. Especially on weekdays. The event was everything I hoped for, but there were 2 standout movies for us. Mittens, and Slut. The former was short and super fun, while the latter was an AFI thesis film and was just so much more polished both in terms of production and writing than anything else on the bill, and was a subtle (by comparison) critique about the policing of women’s bodies.

At least I know my friends are starting to listen to the Faculty of Horror podcast, because they keep posting about it on Facebook. Apparently hosts Andrea and Alexandra get lots of attention in February, and commented on why that attention (while appreciated) is a bit misdirected. They shared most of my thoughts about Frankenstein – it just hasn’t aged well. Melissa said it seemed like an excuse for Kenneth Branagh to run around shirtless for 2 hours. we both thought it was far less engaging than the filmed theatre adaptation starring Cumby and Johnny Lee Miller.

I didn’t read any of the Gemma Files stories. I did listen to an excellent interview with her on The Outer Dark, however.  I think I need to move her most recent book way up my list. So far I’ve only read her Hex Slinger trilogy. Congratulations to the show for winning an award recently as well.

I tried to start an open thread on the Reaper forums about painting minis in celebration.Not only did I not paint anything (February was one of those months), but I kinda got it wrong too. I’ll try again next year and see if I can combine a horror-themed mini with either the artwork or sculpt by a woman. I feel like I’ll need to plan this all year, so maybe I’ll post about my progress. It’ll give me an excuse to keep posting.

I bought Silvia Garcia Moreno’s anthology and read a couple of stories. Maybe I will post a review when I’m done.

I managed to convince a friend to start a writing group. Let’s see how that goes. As it is, I’m collecting ideas without anything to show for it. I’d like that to change, and need a bit of outside motivation. So does this friend.

An old high school friend writes about old Toronto. I loved this post about detectives.





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